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Executive Summary

Business Concept: The Wiggle~Wave company will be manufacturing a plastic product designed to introduce a revolutionary new method of waving hair to the professional hairdressing industry. The Wiggle~Wave Modular Hair Waving System represents the first major innovation in the industry in many years. Responses from demonstrations of the product to professional hairdressers indicate that once the product is in production it will gain rapid market acceptance due to the many benefits the product offers both in time saving and new creative opportunities.

The company is seeking $800,000 over two rounds of financing. The initial financing needs are $50,000 to:

  • produce a one cavity plastic injection mold that will produce parts suitable for activities such as promotion, marketing, and other pre production activities. This mold can also be used for production in the early stages of introducing this product to the market;

  • provide funding sufficient to begin marketing efforts.
Initial (six month) start up period: ($50,000)

One cavity mold $20,000
Packaging, boxes and artwork $1,800
Promotion $10,000
Production run of 500 kits $13,200
Working Capital $5,000
Total $50,000

The second round of $750,000 will used to commission the development of 3 four cavity injection moulds, and provide funding for promotional and operational expenses. Capital needs to enter full production are demonstrated below.

3, four cavity molds $225,000
Packaging and Boxes $96,750
Promotion 150,000
Accounts Receivable Bridge $200,000
Office Supplies $3,250
Working Capital $75,000

The structure of the financing, debt/equity is negotiable depending on the partners needs and the long term interests of the company.

Projected financial performance for the first three years of operation are outlined below.

Wiggle~Wave Inc.
Projected Financial Performance
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Sales $6,591,000.00 $9,227,400.00 $14,763,840.00
Cost of Goods Sold $1,095,120.00 $1,533,168.00 $2,453,068.00
Expenses $1,712,150.00 $1,713,970.00 $1,990,792.00
Before Tax Profit $3,783,730.00 $5,980,262.00 $10,319,979.00

The initial target market for Wiggle~Wave is the estimated 636,000 professional licensed hairdressers in the continental United States and Canada. Wiggle~Wave estimates the total market potential to be approximately $84 million. To access this market, we will be working with a network of 2-10 distributors who will provide coverage for the both the United States and Canada. It is anticipated that in the second year of operation, the company will begin to work with distributors in Europe.

Currently there is no similar product to the Wiggle~Wave Modular Hair Waving System available in the market place. The Wiggle Wave company will be developing and maintaining a new niche segment in the in the $350 billion (US) beauty supply market.

Wiggle~Wave will have a larger, more talented and more experienced management team than most new enterprises, in that, the various components involved in getting the Wiggle~Wave Modular Hair Waving System into the hands of the customer will each be managed by proven executives and staff of the various sub-contractors involved.

Harold Giles is President of Wiggle~Wave Ltd. He is the founder of the company and inventor of the Wiggle~Wave Modular Hair Waving System. Harold will be involved in all aspects of the Wiggle~Wave operation but particularly in the marketing and sales in the early stages of introducing this product to the market.

Deanna Thorson is Manger of Marketing and Sales. Deanna will be will be coordinating the marketing, promotional, and sales activities of the company.

Maureen Ellam is providing the financial management expertise, both in the day to day operations and financial strategic planning.

Peter Eisenbock is the Operations Manager for Wiggle~Wave Ltd. Peter will be primarily responsible for overseeing the production and shipping of the Wiggle~Wave Modular Hair Waving System

Exit Strategy:
The exit of Wiggle~Wave company founders can be accomplished in a number of different ways. The most likely method is by the sale of all or part of the Wiggle~Wave company to an outside entity. The most likely purchaser would be an existing beauty industry hardware supplier or a chemical waving producer that wishes to have its products associated with the Wiggle~Wave styling system.

While it is not the goal of the company founders to exit during the growth stage of operations, that option will remain open and will depend upon the advantages to the company and the founders.

If you are angel or venture capitalist interested in participating in the Wiggle~Wave opportunity, please send us a message containing your name and a contact method. Our e-mail address is wigglewave@yahoo.com.

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